Sunday, September 9, 2012


I love flashback pics! Quinn found this pic while cleaning out his car. I think this was 2004. I love finding old pictures. How hilarious. Just hanging with Tory, Sara, Meredith and Barbara Walters. We saw her while walking in Vegas.

Liz posted this one on facebook the other day. This is us in 2000 (I think, we were Juniors right?)  Liz and I could be so annoying together. We were constantly goofing off.  We had a ton of fun though. Right Stobbie?


Barb said...

I love Barbara Walters! That is fun.

Steve and Liz Evans said...

I love it! We were and still are annoying! Thank you for stopping by! That made my day! I'm going to plan dinner. Good Luck with everything this week!!!!