Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the zoo

 Lila's cute Giraffe leggings. A part of her Halloween costume.

 Lila's cute new pedicure.

We got tickets to go to the Zoo and asked my mom and dad along since they were watching Ben, Gracie and Evie.
I asked my mom and dad watch Lila while I worked earlier in the day since they also had the other cousins, I thought Lila would like a little cousin time. My mom sent me the text "this baby is so loved. They were fighting about who gets to be by her so we are on a rotation basis...2 at the side and one rubbing her feet... how would it be to have soooooo much love!" Made my whole day. We are lucky for good cousins.


Robbie and Margot said...

Love the giraffe leggings! She is one pretty girl.

w and w said...

love those leggings! How fitting. Kristi, you're in my thoughts and prayers constantly. I miss you all so much. My heart breaks for you. How I love you. How faithful you both are.

nikki said...

Those leggings are so cute!!! Lila is going to be one cute giraffe.