Tuesday, April 14, 2015

spring break

We headed to St. George with my sister, her kids and my mom for Spring break. I was horrible at taking pictures this year but we had a lot of fun. Ruby loved being with her cousins. She was a lucky little girl that they were so kind to her. 
These trips are always so bittersweet. Lila loved these Spring Break trips. She got enormous amounts of love from her cousins. She was always so happy. We went to Cinderella in the movie theaters and I felt her with me. The magic of the story and the kind princess. I could just see Lila in her sleeping beauty dress laughing and enjoying it all. I missed her so much I couldn't stop crying.  

We went to Zions. It was so beautiful. Ruby did a great job on her first hike to the weeping wall. She was exhausted after and feel asleep in my arms in the shuttle. I felt like I had Lila for a moment. It was a sweet gift.

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