Saturday, April 4, 2015

Ten years.

On march 10th Quinn and I  celebrated our 10 year anniversary. It's crazy to look back on this last decade and think of all the things that we have gone through together. We have spent time just us becoming each other's best friends, getting our educations, working and traveling the world. We have become parents of the most beautiful and precious little angel who had to leave us far too soon. We became parents again to a crazy, spunky, and wonderful little spitfire. we have dealt with illness, death, infertility, and loads of other trials that most couples our age have not faced yet. And through it all Quinn has remained my best friend and my closest confidant. I don't know how in the world we would have gotten through this past decade if we didn't have each other and the friendship that we enjoy. I have been blessed. And the best thing about it is I know it. I am truly lucky. Love you penquinn.

This young couple taking engagement photos. I just want to hug them. They have no idea what's coming. (Which makes me nervous, will I say that about me now in ten years?) But they are full of hope. That has never changed and hopefully never will 

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