Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Quinn had a vision conference down in Vegas so we thought we would head down south for a few days. Due to some unforeseen circumstances we had to cut our trip pretty short but it was nice to get away even if it was just for a day and a half. It was so fun because my parents and Kelli and her family were also staying at the George house so we got to spend some time with them. How great to have so many eager helpers. :)!
On Saturday we went to see Love the Cirque du soleil production at the Mirage. It was wonderful! We loved it. Thank you so much to Quinn's parents for watching Lila for us. It felt really weird to walk around the strip without her, but the production was simply beautiful!


Zane and Lexi said...

so fun! and excuse me, did you seriously just have a baby? and did your hair grow like 3 inches over night!? Jealous ;)

Kelli said...

love the pics!!! it WAS a fun fun weekend :)