Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First days at home.

It's been great to be home with my ladies. They are so beautiful and sweet. A bit if an adjustment. It doesn't help that my Lila is horribly ill again. I think that since stopping her antibiotics from last week her sickness had come back with a vengeance. She has been throwing up and having fevers. Not the best shape to meet your brand new baby sister. 
Grandma Robyn told me that babies act so great in the hospital and the minute you get them home they start to act up. I think ruby heard her. Ruby was such a good little eater in the hospital and has decided to go on strike since being home. Stinker. She also has become a bit demanding. Maybe this is her little personality already. But she loves to be snuggled and we are happy to oblige. It's amazing the things she can already do. Her head control is incredible and she will stare right at us! She also brings her hands together (a goal of Lila's that we never obtained in early intervention) and sucks on fingers.  Quinn and I are in awe of this. Lila could never even come close. It's been good for my heart to see signs of normal development. But I had a break down today when the pediatrician told us he wants ruby to see orthopedics for her foot (it's a bit turned in) I immediately thought maybe it was a sign of a syndrome. I guess the worrying never ends. 

I think ruby looks like Lila's baby pics in this photo. 
My poor sicko. 

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Unknown said...

Oh poor Lila…I hope she kicks the sickness soon! I'm so happy to read that Ruby is showing good signs of normal development. When I hold my friend's babies, I'm always in awe that they are staring right at me and holding their head up! LOL…Oh the little things that we can be grateful for. Good luck having two little ladies at home. You are such a good mama!!